Domonet provides unlimited high-speed home internet in apartments and private houses. Choose your type of dwelling and locality to check the availability of our services.

Designation on the network coverage map:


Connected - the house is already connected to the services and you can already order the connection.


In the process of connecting -building is under fiber construction, leave the request and one of the first you will find out when construction works end.


There is no technical capability - the house has already been worked out, but is not connected to handle administrative issues with the service company. Leave a request and we will resume negotiations about building fiber to your building

Areas, where the optic fiber network of Domonet was wired are mapped here. At green and orange areas standard tariffs from "Pricing" are applicable. If Your private house is in green zone or nearby - you can leave an order request and we`ll check accurate availability of connection. If your private house will not be in the green zone, don`t hesitate to leave an order request, in any case, we`ll check availability.